protégé 2020


Vacancies for 2020

RLB is looking to recruit candidates to become Building Surveyors, Cost Managers / Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers across the UK.

Application Overview

You've seen the glossy images, maybe read the corporate sections. Now we are at the point that really matters, you!

You are about to start the application process and below is an overview of what happens next and why we go through such lengths to select the right candidates to enter the final stages of the protégé process.

What we do at Rider Levett Bucknall

Firstly, as a construction, property and management consultancy we are required to possess the right technical skills to be able to offer our clients the advice they need to complete their projects on time and to budget. Secondly, as a consultancy our employees need to possess a range of softer skills and decision making attributes to succeed in a client facing environment, and deliver our vision to "challenge the norm, give fresh perspectives and deliver flawlessly". Working in our regional business units or our client's offices you will need to possess both technical and soft skills to thrive at RLB.

How we assess these attributes and why

For the last ten years we have run successful protégé assessments where we set a range of ability tests. We use these to help us select applicants that are the most likely to succeed in our environment, and the success of our current protégés shows we have been succeeding in our selection methods. The assessments can take the form of numerical, verbal and business decision making tests under formal test conditions and you may also be asked to get involved in group work or give a presentation. We have also seen an increasing number of our clients requesting that all of our consultants working on their projects need to have passed these types of tests, and some are doing their own testing prior to appointing consultants. It is therefore essential to the future of our business and for the career development of all our staff that we use these tests in the selection process.

Our assessment days are also a great two-way opportunity for you to meet with our RLB people and assess whether RLB feels like a good fit for you!


To be fair to all candidates, and to ensure higher chances of success for those submitting applications, we have devised a new 'self-selection' process. Self-assessment and selection is designed to ensure you know what to expect at our protégé assessment day. The assessment process can be tough. To ensure you're prepared for the process you should understand the questions in the self-selection section, especially as some assessment elements will be under formal test conditions.

We're hoping that the self-selection assessment will help you. The aim is that individuals who submit applications are likely to thrive on the assessment day and later when working with us.

Application Process Overview

Below is an overview of the process that the website will follow with an estimated time frame for completion:

  1. Eligibility Criteria – 1 minute
  2. Self-selection assessment – 8 minutes
  3. Application Form – As long as you need (approx. 20 minutes)

If you are still keen to progress and think you have what it takes, click on the 'Check Eligibility Criteria' button below to start the application process.

Check Eligibility Criteria Now

If you require any reasonable adjustments to support you during any stage of the application or interview process, please contact our recruitment team at: